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ACCT: Accounting

HONORS: Prin of Accounting II
MWF 10:55 am - 12:00 pm
O. Asdemir
02/03 - 03/21
CRN 21861
2 Cr.
Size: 25
Enrolled: 0
Waitlisted: 0
02/03 - 03/21
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10:55 am
12:00 pm
In Person


10:55 am
12:00 pm
In Person


10:55 am
12:00 pm
In Person


Subject: Accounting (ACCT)

CRN: 21861

In Person | Lecture

St Paul: In Person

Requirements Met:
     Honors Course

  Ozer Asdemir

Managerial accounting is used internally by businesses for cost management, planning and controlling, and strategic decision-making. Managerial accounting emphasizes the relevance and timeliness of data. The managerial accounting topics covered in this course include application of cost within corporate environment, break-even analysis, budgeting and differential analysis. 2 credits Prerequisites: ACCT 100 or ACCT 210 Note: Students who receive credit for ACCT 200 may not receive credit for ACCT 215.

2 Credits

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