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CSMA: Catholic Studies (Grad)

Science & Catholicism
P. Distelzweig
09/04 - 12/20
Topics Lecture 1
CRN 43115
3 Cr.
Size: 15
Enrolled: 5
Waitlisted: 0
09/04 - 12/20
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CRN: 43115

Topics Lecture 1

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  Peter Distelzweig

The rise and dramatic development of the modern natural sciences have shaped our world in varied and prominent ways. How do these natural sciences fit into Catholic intellectual, spiritual, and cultural life? Just what are the natural sciences, really? How are they related to philosophy and theology? How are they integrated into the Christian “social imaginary”? In this course, we seek to understand and answer these important questions through an exploration of important episodes, topics, and texts from the two-thousand-year history of Christianity and science.

3 Credits

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