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PHIL: Philosophy

HONORS Biomedical Ethics
H. Giebel
01/03 - 01/26
CRN 10310
4 Cr.
Size: 20
Enrolled: 12
Waitlisted: 0
01/03 - 01/26
M T W Th F Sa Su
+ asynchronous coursework

Subject: Philosophy (PHIL)

CRN: 10310

Online: Asynchronous | Lecture


2020 Core Requirements Met:

Other Requirements Met:
     Honors Course

(2020 Core Planning Guide)

  Heidi Giebel

Explore and analyze ethical issues related to clinical and social aspects of medicine—both from the perspective of Catholic intellectual tradition and from other philosophical perspectives. For example, what is the primary role of a medical practitioner: to give the “customer” what s/he wants, or to promote a more objective standard of health? Under what conditions should a physician or nurse be allowed to opt out of doing work that violates his or her conscience? Is euthanasia ethically acceptable, and should it be legally permitted? And (how) should we provide medical care to those who cannot afford to pay for it? Prerequisite: PHIL 110 or PHIL 115 or PHIL 197, and Honors.

4 Credits

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