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GRSW: Social Work (Grad)

Social Work Practice Research
W 1:35 pm - 4:00 pm
L. Peterson
02/01 - 05/21
CRN 24430
3 Cr.
Size: 16
Enrolled: 13
Waitlisted: 0
02/01 - 05/21
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1:35 pm
4:00 pm


CRN: 24430

Online: Some Synchronous | Lecture


GRSW: Social Work (Grad)

  Lance Peterson

This course focusses on research in all areas of social work practice. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are studied in research designs from single-subject designs through group designs to systematic evaluation. A major focus is to develop the knowledge and skills of the student to be an objective evaluator of social work practice as well as to be an active participant in adding the of the knowledge base of social work.

3 Credits

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