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CATH: Catholic Studies (UG)

Crisis and Development
TR 9:55 am - 11:35 am
R. Kennedy
09/04 - 12/20
CRN 43110
4 Cr.
Size: 25
Enrolled: 0
Waitlisted: 0
09/04 - 12/20
M T W Th F Sa Su
  9:55 am
11:35 am
  9:55 am
11:35 am

CRN: 43110


St Paul: Sitzman Hall B10


  Robert Kennedy

This course explores from an interdisciplinary perspective the history of the Catholic Church as it interacts with the secular world and is shaped by its dominant personalities and events. No other institution in history has survived, and flourished, for so long and in the face of so many challenges. This course will critically reflect upon the history of the Church, from its origins in the Apostolic Age to the modern period, as a series of cycles with a common pattern of creativity, achievement, and retreat. Students may expect to complete the course with an awareness and understanding of the major personalities and events, secular and ecclesial, that have shaped the life of the Church.

4 Credits

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