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CATH: Catholic Studies (UG)

Path/Expres/Pract in Cath Spir
TR 8:00 am - 9:40 am
R. Kennedy
02/04 - 05/24
CRN 20464
4 Cr.
Size: 25
Enrolled: 5
Waitlisted: 0
02/04 - 05/24
M T W Th F Sa Su
  8:00 am
9:40 am
  8:00 am
9:40 am

CRN: 20464


St Paul: Sitzman Hall 207


  Robert Kennedy

This course provides an investigation into the various forms and expressions of spirituality which derive their inspiration from a common origin in Christian Revelation and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We will examine in depth a selection of topics and themes having to do with differing expressions and practices of Catholic spirituality across a number of historical eras and cultures. Possible topics include prayer and contemplation; the varieties of lay and religious spiritualities in both their solitary and communal dimensions; virtue; and vocation and work. Interdisciplinary course materials will draw on sources in theology, philosophy, history, literature, and art or music.

4 Credits

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